Jesus Otaku is a cosplay group, originating in Southern California, with members all over the world. United by our common love for anime, cosplay, and for God, our group seeks to encourage others to be their unique selves.

We attend conventions, host panels, wear cosplay, and as fellow otaku, we love to just show up and have fun with other members of the anime community. Our goal is not to preach or to judge. Our goal is to be a helping hand; a kind word; a friendly face in a crowd. We are here to say,  “you are loved just as you are.”


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Based In Orange/LA County this is the original location for Jesus Otaku.


A branch based in San Jose; this team seeks to connect through authentic cosplay.


A branch based in North Carolina; this team seeks to use their skills and expertise to teach others.




In order to accomplish our mission, our ministry utilizes many different tactics to make sure that our messaging is always unique, fresh, and innovative. Here are some things we have done in the past that highlight who we are.


Shareable materials

One of our biggest tools is to create items and materials that people will want to keep with them for a long time. Our goal with our shareables is to remind people that they are loved just the way they are. Hopefully they are reminded of that message each time they look at one of our items and it will cause them to reflect on that truth. Our 'As You Are' artbook is an eight day devotional with each day outlining a specific truth that God wants to say about our identity. We are always trying to create new items for people to collect and to share. 

Attend Anime conventions

For several years, Jesus Otaku has hosted a booth in the convention exhibit hall at Anime Expo. We have also had booths and tables at other various conventions throughout the US. This gives our team a physical and consistent space to connect with other con-goers. The exhibit hall is normally a very busy and loud place, so we always try to create a space where it is easy to connect with others and have a conversation.  Our ministry also hosts panels where we speak about various topics about being an otaku. We have also done performances at conventions that show and celebrate our love of anime. All this is to connect with as many con-goers as possible. Our belief is that the best way to minister to others is through personal relationships we can build on from year to year.



Hosted Events

Conventions only happen for short periods throughout the year, but in order to keep building on our connections, we host our own various events to build relationships with those people we meet at con. Our events range from doing fun activities together to hosting cosplay workshops where we invite other cosplayers to come and work on their projects in a group setting. It is through these events where we can really form lasting friendships with people and allows us to speak into their lives through sharing of our faith and our own experiences.